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Maximizing the learning space

Blended learning bridges student experiences online, with classroom experiences as a basis for continued learning outside the classroom.

Olav Johan Øye Publisert: Oppdatert:
Picture of G. Anthony Giannoumis

Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) have participated in the development of a blended learning course produced by Epigeum, a provider of online courses designed to help universities to transform their core activities in teaching and studying.

A blended learning course focuses on how to create a curriculum that blends more traditional in person and online teaching effectively.

As an example, the students may get a short presentation followed by a workshop, and then continue their work online by using video, audio books and other digital tools.

‘We have already done a lot of this at OsloMet, and we will continue to develop more in this area,’ says Assistant Professor G. Anthony Giannoumis at Department of Computer Science.

‘Epigeum got in touch after seeing the way I have already applied blended learning in my classes. We now have some courses online, and blended learning is a fantastic approach for enabling teachers to maximize the learning space.’

The university’s recent transition to Canvas provides a lot more flexibility when making material available for students, and blended learning is an important addition to the idea of utilising Universal Design in education.

By providing a much more personal experience, and with a wider range of methods, it gives each individual student a better chance at succeeding.