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HiOA - UNEVOC Centre in Norway

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA), Department of Vocational Teacher Education, is, so far, the single UNEVOC centre in Norway.

UNESCO-UNEVOC is UNESCO's specialized Centre for technical and vocational education and training (TVET). It assists UNESCO's 195 member states to strengthen and upgrade their TVET systems. HiOA's Department of Vocational Teacher Education (YLU) is Norway’s main provider of pedagogical disciplines in Technical and Vocational Teacher Education. The department is engaged in research and developmental activities within its subject areas and participates in both national and international research programs.

TVET projects and activities at HiOA:

National development of Vocational Teacher Education
Project period: 01.01.2013-31.12.2014
A project group consisting of representatives from HiOA’s Department of Vocational Teacher Education and NTNU (Programme for teacher Education) has been appointed by The Ministry of Education and Research to analyze the possibilities for developing a 3-year Bachelor Programme in Vocational Teacher Education in more regions in Norway. One of the project goals is to educate more students with a certificate from the BA in Vocational Teacher Education. Another essential goal is developing the existing one-year programme in practical pedagogical education for teachers in vocational education and the academic staff’s knowledge and research in this profession. Based on mapping of competence, both in local/regional working life and in universities or higher educational institutions which may be potential providers of the study program and on the demand for technical vocational teachers in the regions, the project group will suggest structural changes. Read more (article in Norwegian only).
Contact person: Head of studies  Rønnaug H. Lyckander.

NOMA Master in Vocational Pedagogy
Project period: 2009-2013.
This master study is beeing offered to vocational teachers in Uganda and South Sudan. Partners in the project are Kyambogo University, Kampala and the world of work in Uganda. A continuation of this project has been applied for in cooperation with Kyambogo University and University of the Western Cape, South Africa. The new program will, if granted, be more action oriented and stronger related to the world of work.
Contact person: Professor Ronny Sannerud.

Application of new technologies in TVET - from working task to learning task
The study explores how new and changing tasks and methods in occupations can be converted into relevant learning tasks for students.
Read more (pdf).
Contact person: Assistant professor Steinar Karstensen.

Ph.d. project: Comprehensive evaluation for learning of profession seen in a vocational didactic perspective (HELVYRD)
This project focuses on how vocational teachers use feedback from pupils and apprentices’ learning outcomes to change and develop their practice of teaching. The study sorts under a research project called "Measuring competence in vocational education" (MECVET) funded by The Norwegian Research Council. Read more about HELVYRD (pdf). 
Contact person: Ph.d. student Roger Bakken

Technological Learning Workshop
A technological learning workshop (TLK) is under planning at campus Kjeller, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). Here students within technical subjects can try out new teaching strategies in simulating automated processes from working life.
Read more (link to Cristin)
Contact person: Assistant professor Birger Brevik

Vocational Teacher Education in Kosovo
Project period: 2009-2012. The aim of this project was development of vocational education in Kosovo. The project had a strong focus on requirements of working life, future production and on value creation. Read more (pdf).
Contact person: Professor Ronny Sannerud.

NECA-ITF Technical Skills Development Project
This project is a joint initiative designed to promote the availability of middle-level manpower with the appropriate Technical an Vocational Skills to meet the identified needs of the Nigerian economy. Partners: NHO (The confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) and NECA (Nigeria Employers' Consulative Association).  Read more (pdf).
Contact person: Professor Ronny Sannerud.  

Economic benefits of training simulators
A survey in the Norwegian oil and gas industry revealed that use of advanced simulators improves operator effectiveness.
Read the article in
Contact person: Associated professor Tiina M. Komulainen, professor Ronny Sannerud


Marit Stenberg (Head of Studies) and Olgunn Ransedokken (Vice-Rector)
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