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Living the Liquid Life: Journalism at the Intersection of Gender, Professionalism and Precariousness

Presentation by Margareta Melin & Jenny Wiik

Moderator: Oscar Westlund, professor, Department of Journalism and Media Studies, OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University

Sted: P48 P469 Dato og tid: torsdag 14. juni 2018 kl. 14.30 - 16.00

The presentation introduces a research project in development, focusing on the professional identity formation of journalists with precarious working conditions from an intersectional perspective.

News industry development has led to an increasing number of journalists working on temporary contracts leading to disrupted employment security and an expanding precariat. Those journalists work under uncertain conditions, whilst being expected to show professional integrity, loyalty, and to act as watchdogs of democracy. In this tough labor market, women and young journalists seem to suffer the most. Individual characteristics interact in the construction of the power hierarchies and professional life of journalism. But what are the consequences? Is journalism closing to some groups in society? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to act in public interest? And are those two developments intertwined?

Leaving journalism: gendered experiences of precarity among ex-journalists in Sweden



Margareta Melin is a senior lecturer at the School of Arts and Communication (K3), and head of research for Visual Arts at the Faculty of Learning and Society at Malmö University. Melin has done ethnographic studies of British and Swedish journalists focusing on professional identities and cultures, and the strategies and tactics of managing these.


Jenny Wiik is Associate Professor at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG) at the University of Gothenburg. Her area of interest is professional journalism as an ideological construct as well as a democratic institution, focusing on the development of journalistic ideals over time, internal hierarchies of the journalistic profession and the tension between autonomy and control in news work. Wiik is also Director of Master Studies at JMG and coordinating the international MA in Investigative Journalism (MIJ).