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Church networks and the fight against sexual and gender based violence in South Kivu and the Great Lakes

Forfatter(e): NIBR Policy Brief 3-2017

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Sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) has been widespread in the armed conflict in the Great Lakes Region and the Eastern Congo. The churches in the region were engaged in the fight against SGBV in different ways – through documenting the massacres and abuses, by providing health care to victims and through the establishment of Centre for Medical and Psycho-Social Assistance (CAMPS).

Church leaders in the region also led an ambitious attempt to stop the violence and assist in the disarming and return of militia members back to Rwanda. Through the use of local pastors and activists they gained access to militia members, who often attended the local churches. Although the attempt ran into problems, church networks were able to enter into dialogue with militia leaders about demobilising and repatriation.



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Policy Brief


Oslo: Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Oslo Metropolitan University

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