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Occupational regulation: Recruitment and income inequality 2016

Two-day PhD workshop on mechanisms behind income inequality between occupations.

Research show that wage inequality is rising and that a significant proportion of inequality is found between occupations. This implies that occupational characteristics, such as skill levels and labour market institutions, are relevant for explaining the levels and trends in occupational wage inequality. Although income inequality to some extent reflect differences in required skill levels, research has shown that institutions such as licensure, credentialization and unions affect wage levels, net of individual and occupational level skills.

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Occupational closure denote strategies aimed at producing social and legal entry barriers to occupations that will raise the rewards of their members and to generate larger incomes than the ones available in the absence of closure. This form of institutional inequality is of great political, academic, and societal interest and controversy, and it relates to ethnic inequality, social class inequality and the gender pay gap. Processes of occupational closure can create inclusionary and exclusionary mechanisms in the labor market relating to ethnicity, immigrant status, gender and social class background.


The workshop welcomes empirical and theoretical research on this topic from all areas of social science research. 


The workshop is held by the IIPVO research group with participation from the IIPVO expert panel: Prof. Jan O. Jonsson, Prof. Kim Weeden and Prof. Herman van de Werfhorst.


Søknad og opptak


19. februar 2016

Applications must include an approximately one-page description about the applicants’ background, education, PhD program, project and a preliminary title of the paper. Furthermore, a draft paper has to be submitted by the 18th of April 2016 , to: Katrin.solberg@hioa.no


Applicants must be enrolled in a PhD program. Applicants who meet the formal requirements for admittance to PhD programs may be considered. The decisions on acceptance will be taken by the course responsible.

NB. Participation is not conditional on enrollment in a PhD program, but PhD students will be prioritized



Occupational regulation: Recruitment and income inequality
May 18th-19th 5 Two days Pilestredet English 10 None


Academic: Ida Drange og Håvard Helland.

Administrative: Karima Bitta

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