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Action Research and Design Thinking: Enabling Communities through Enacting Change

Action research provides a basis for producing innovative technologies by integrating diverse human experiences in research and development.

Course specific requirements:

  • One half year (30 ECTS) of university education.

Course specific requirements come in addition to the general requirements, and must be completed before the application-deadline 1 February. It is recommended to have completed one full year of university studies (60 ECTS) before the program starts.

It brings together action and reflection; theory and practice; and participation with others and the pursuit of practical and meaningful solutions. Through an action research approach, innovators and social entrepreneurs can enable individuals and their communities to flourish by ensuring that participation is autonomous, secure and influential. 

An action research approach focuses on the researcher or developer’s relationships with the host or client organization and among research communities, meaning they are concerned with social, organizational and community issues and often draw inspiration from values that reflect democratization and humanization of these same communities and organizations. Yet these values may exist in tension with professional or community norms, values and procedures. Resolving these tensions requires action researchers to reflect on: What is my role as a technology researcher or developer? What does it mean to facilitate rather than direct research and development?  And what does my work mean in terms of contributing new ideas and solutions to growth of knowledge?

In this course, we will learn about the theory and practice of action research. We will explore the traditions and ethical issues in action research, and the varieties of action research practices. The course will offer a unique intercultural opportunity, which will allow us to examine action research practices in other organizational and national settings.

The course will be offered both with 5 ECTS and 10 ECTS – the assignments differ between the two.

Full course descriptions:

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