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Climate and environment

Climate and environment research focuses on management-related challenges and the need for information in a political and scientific world in flux. We focus in particular on studying adaptation to climate change and ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Research projects address the Norwegian situation - locally, regionally and nationally - and the challenges facing the international community in such places as China, India, Africa and Europe. May projects are carried out in collaboration with other CIENS-based institutes

Central themes include the impact of climate change and climate policy on redistribution and welfare, along with administrative and coordination challenges. We pay special attention on work to put climate change abating measures into effect. In this connection, issues connected with learning capacity, knowledge leadership and knowledge-based planning and administration, and the use of harmonisation mechanisms such as markets, hierarchies and networks across sectors and administrative levels, are also explored. 

NIBR's expertise in climate and environmental research covers

  • climate change, redistribution and fairness
  • local and regional impact of climate change and policy
  • attitudes, plans, instruments and responsibilities at the local and regional levels
  • relationships between climate/environments as a scientific and political field

Current project themes address, among other things, responsibility and mechanisms promoting adaptation to climate change, climate and energy planning in Norwegian municipalities, changing attitudes to climate change and political work at the local political level.

Examples of international research collaboration in the field of climate and environment tie in with the consequences and cost of climate change and adaptive measures in the Baltic Sea region (focusing on the vulnerability of urban centres in coastal areas and issues concerning water supply and water quality); the significance of climate change for regional local economies in Europe; sensitivity to climate change in major African cities; Russian cities adaptation to climate change and finally climate change and social justice in China.

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