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Health and welfare

NIBR's health and welfare research concerns in particular public service administration and organisation.

NIBR's researchers are specialised in assessing the impact of municipal structure and municipal organisation on local task performance. Local implementation of central government policies and local variations in task performance are the themes of several research projects.

We work internationally at the global level exploring how action is implemented nationally and locally.

Health and welfare research at NIBR includes

  • coordination challenges and partnerships between different service levels
  • cross-sectoral collaboration among health and welfare services
  • local public health work - organisation and planning
  • central government management of local implementation
  • performance in the smallest municipalities
  • use of expertise in policy making
  • global health initiatives

The decentralisation and increased fragmentation of the public sector requires high degrees of coordination and harmonisation between and across different government and administrative levels. Much of NIBR's research is devoted to studying relations between representatives of different administrative levels with different resources and institutional ties.

Reforms of health and welfare administration are enacted by national, regional and local levels working in tandem. In our research at NIBR we analyse how concerted action is organised and works in practice as well as its impact on service delivery.

The institute also studies the role of civil society in the health and welfare sector. Researchers have gained an intimate knowledge of regional and local conditions and from working in the field in Norway and several other countries.

The institute works with both projects for The Research Council of Norway and evaluation of the health and welfare sector. Many evaluations of major reforms in the health and welfare sector, including the Mental Health Action Plan, Child Welfare Administration Reform and Qualifications Boost have been conducted. At the international level we have studied HIV/AIDS programmes and implementation nationally and locally, for instance in Russia.

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