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Housing Studies

Housing research at NIBR covers the key areas addressed by housing studies in the social sciences.

The institute's housing studies consist of

  • welfare
  • housing markets
  • housing and construction policy
  • migration
  • universal design
  • qualities of the dwelling
  • residential areas and residential environments

A large fraction of the housing research carried out at NIBR falls under the umbrella of welfare and living conditions. This area of research also includes, among other things, evaluations of social housing programmes and schemes; studies of pocesses likely to cause marginalisation and of actions aimed at stimulating integration in the housing market; and studies of the various groups targeted by social housing policy.

NIBR's housing market research addresses the actions of the housing market, construction site and construction costs, and housing demand. Studies of government housing policy, the actors involve in the construction sector and regulatory conditions are also included in housing market research.

Migration research with its focus on housing and habitation patterns, segregation and integration, is an expanding field and one in which NIBR is currently involved in several projects.

The physical design and quality of the dwelling, i.e. dimensions, standards, usability, green areas, car traffic and other environment attributes make up separate subjects of research. NIBR's studies of universal design are linked to both housing and construction policy and to living conditions studies.

Studies of policy making and policy outcomes in these areas are particularly important. NIBR combines studies of the physical space with studies of perceptions, preferences and behaviour as well as challenges arising rom urban and place development, integration and segregation.

The Department of Housing and Environmental Planning Research is the hub of housing research at NIBR. The department combines cutting edge expertise and breadth in these important fields of study and allies itself with researchers from other departments whenever such collaboration will benefit the research projects.

Housing researchers at NIBR are members of several international networks and participants in numerous international studies.

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