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Review of current statistics on visual arts in Norway

Subproject 1

Throughout the last 40 years a number of studies and surveys of the visual arts field have been conducted. However, the usefulness of these studies for the present problem complex can be seen as somewhat limited: in part, the studies do not perceive the visual arts field in particular, but charts the entire art field. Secondly, it consists of studies of sample surveys, usually designed in close collaboration with various artist organizations. Thus there may be more limitations. The statistics used, and the studies conducted with this as a basis, often do not cover the visual arts field in particular. This is also acknowledged in the parliamentary report Visuell kunst (2012), which states that "there is no data in this field that corresponds to what is present on the stage art field, for which data is reported to the Norwegian Theater and Orchestra Association (NTO) and for free scenic groups reporting to the Dance and Theater Center and the Dance Information ». In connection with this, it is emphasized that there is a need for an "updated image" and a description of "what changes have taken place in the last 20-30 years".

There is thus a need to review the statistics that have been used, as well as the studies that have been carried out - and especially with emphasis on weaknesses in previous studies, precisely because future statistics on the field, as well as studies based on this may be so good (s) as possible and absorb the autonomous character of visual art. Thus, while a number of studies have been carried out that address these aspects of the visual arts field, a systematic review of specific weaknesses and / or forces in the aforementioned studies (and the statistics on which they are based) is required.

The overall analysis will ultimately appear in a recommendation on current data sources that should be taken (more) in use. The assignment is carried out for the Norwegian Council of Culture, and has a total budget of 300 000 NOK.

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Project period

Start: 14/05/2018

End: 30/09/2018


    • the Norwegian Council of Culture


  • 300 000 NOK

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