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Childhood, family and child welfare

Research on children, the family and child welfare services

Not all children and adolescents grow up under safe, secure and caring conditions. Those children and adolescents have an increased risk of being in a vulnerable situation both as children and as adults. Different initiatives within the welfare sector are developed in order to identify and help children and adolescents, who are experiencing challenges or difficulties within the family. In order for such services to be effective, they need to have updated knowledge about diverse forms of childhood and family life as well as diverse forms of need for help.

Research activity at the Department of Childhood, Family and Child Welfare Research at NOVA concentrates on both the requirements and effects of different welfare services with a primary attention paid to children at the care of the social services, those with an immigrant background, families with disabled children and families experiencing domestic violence.

Contact: Research Director Marianne Dæhlen
Telephone: +47 951 17 788
E-mail: marianne.dahlen@oslomet.no


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