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Children, child welfare

Research on children, the family and child welfare services

Most children in Norway grow up in a relatively good, secure environment. But some do not. In order for the child welfare services to be able to prevent problem development and to take appropriate steps, the knowledge base underlying the agency's activities has to move forward. Research and development at NOVA is geared to this end. NOVA has particular responsibility for strengthening the knowledge on which the performance of the child welfare services' core tasks is based. This knowledge base necessarily includes an understanding of the complexity of the context in which children grow up. Research therefore needs to encompass the child, its family, social and financial circumstances, social network, day care provision , schooling and interaction with other assistance programmes and agencies.

Child welfare research at  NOVA consequently ranges from the child welfare services' statutory core tasks - related to care deficit and neglect, violence, sexual abuse and behavioural problems - to an extended understanding of the child welfare services' role and function in society, and knowledge of "ordinary" children's daily lives.

Research includes both pure research and development-oriented projects. It is conducted in close conjunction with the child welfare sector. Topics and themes selected for research shall reflect both critical scrutiny of and relevance to the practical child welfare field.

Contact: Research Director Marianne Dæhlen
Telephone: +47 951 17 788
E-mail: marianne.dahlen@oslomet.no


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