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Health, welfare services

Research on health, welfare services and the welfare state.

Norwegian welfare policy aims to ensure good health and quality of life for all citizens. This ambitious welfare goal requires a constantly updated knowledge on living conditions, health and welfare in general and in particular for vulnerable groups. It also requires knowledge of the social and geographic inequalities in health and living conditions as well as in access to welfare services.

In light of the demographic trend toward an aging population the number of people with chronic diseases is expected to increase. One of the greatest challenges facing the welfare state is to provide a comprehensive and coordinated care for people with complex problems. This challenge is regarded a core challenge of two comprehensive welfare reforms – the NAV- reform and the  “coordination reform.” At NOVA we find it of vital importance to gain more insight into the way in which new organizational forms and modes of governance are implemented and how they affect the daily lives of the people in need of support.

NOVA leads the Nordic Centre of Excellence in Welfare Research: Reassessing the Nordic Welfare Model:
Contact: Research Director Are V. Haug
Telephone: +47 464 10 537



Making Persons with Disability Full Citizens. A EU FP7 Project co-ordinated by NOVA.

Sustainable welfare

Prosjekt sustainable welfare logobilde av person i snøvær med paraply

Sustainable European welfare societies: Assessing linkages between social and environmental policy.


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