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Migration, minorities

Research on migration and transnationality

International migration is at the same time a necessity and a challenge for the future development of the welfare state. Such migration has major social and political implications for both receiving and sending communities. Finding good ways of handling migration and diversity is a political challenge. Our contribution as researchers is to provide a firm knowledge base for policies and politics in the fields of migration and diversity.

NOVA's particular strength lies in our empirical and theoretical knowledge of migration and of relationships between - and amongst - migrants, minorities, and majority as well as in our mixed-method approaches. Research with immigrants and minorities is conducted with in all of NOVA’s departments, with a focus on arenas such as schools and education, children’s protection services, families, welfare, housing and neighbourhoods, and health care services. NOVA’s working group on migration and transnationality has members from all departments and represents the institute’s expertise in the field. We are particularly versed in applying transnational, comparative and intersectional perspectives and in studying the connections between different levels of society and between different positions and dimensions of power related to ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social class, age and generation. Read more about the migration research at NOVA

Contact: Research co-ordinator Marie Louise Seeberg
Telephone: +47 47 01 84 24
E-mail: marie.l.seeberg@oslomet.no


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