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TRANSFAM - Doing family in transnational context

Demographic choices, welfare adaptation, school integration, and every-day life of Polish families living in Polish-Norwegian transnationality.

The proposed project responds to the 'Social sciences and bilateral relations' area of the core call, focusing on the issues of migration. The study analyzes population flow between Poland and Norway, contextualized in the broader discourses of intra-European labour mobility and specific field of transnational family studies.

More about the project

Recent intensification of human mobility between Poland and Norway, as well as problems encountered by migrants and institutions serve as rationale for this project, justifying the need for development of a recommendable action plan to improve the bilateral relations. A vast array of quantitative (survey, statistical analysis) and qualitative (biographic/in-depth interviews, sociometric, focus group and visual tools) research methods will be used across the project, which will further benefit from extensive data-sharing and findings-exchange between research teams (WPs).

Multi-level involvement of stakeholders concerned with consequences of migration is planned, as migrant family members, teachers, social workers and institutions will be approached and examined in two geographical locations.

The project is driven by tangible results in a form of policy recommendations, as well as enrichment of scientific/scholarly as well as public/community knowledge about Polish-Norwegian migration, which will be obtained through

   1. multi-sited interdisciplinary empirical social research
   2. subsequent educational, dissemination- and promotion-related activities (workshops, conferences)

The consortium tackling the TRANSFAM project consists of specialists in their respective fields, granting timely and expertly fulfilment of the aforementioned objectives. In conclusion, the envisioned evidence-driven policy-building of this bilateral project is in high demand for urgent exploration.

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Research group

Department of youth research

Project period

Start: 01/10/2013

End: 31/03/2016


    Norway Grants
    Polish-Norwegian Research Programme

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