Conference Proceedings

All approved full papers will be published by the academic publisher ABMmedia if the conference fee is paid by 19 March.

The conference proceedings is produced as an academic publication with ISBN.

All participants will get it on a USB stick included in the conference fee, and a printed version is available for sale.

Scientific Journals

In addition, we are also pleased to announce a partnership with the Scientific Journals:

These journals will publish special issues with articles selected from papers and keynote lectures presented at the Conference.

Submission Guidelines

Full Papers

Please, upload the full paper with corrections in both PDF file doc/docx file here.

Instructions for Submitting Authors

You can read about the instructions for submitting authors here.

Upload Camera-Ready Manuscript / Final Version

If your contribution was accepted you usually get the option to submit a final version of your contribution. Please consider the review results from the experts for that version. The final version has to be "camera ready", i.e. it must use the conference template and follow the submission guidelines otherwise it will not be published in the proceedings.

You will also use the ConfTool system to upload the final version of your contribution.

Go to Your Submissions.

Read the Formatting Guidelines below When submitting papers written in English using the conference paper template via the conference management tool.

Formatting Guidelines

These guidelines provide instruction to help you to format your full paper for the 2nd International Conference for Design Education Researchers which is jointly organised by DRS and CUMULUS, hosted by Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

Submit the paper in Word format using this template.

  • Please, upload the full paper with corrections in both PDF file and doc/docx file, so we have a file we can edit in case it is required.
  • Full paper should be between 4000-6000 words, included the Abstract of 200 words.
  • Write directly into the predefined paper template which can be downloaded from this link (.docx).
  • Or place your finished text into it: Copy and paste by choosing ‘ match destination formatting’.
  • Do not change the predefined formatting settings in this document (such as paper size, orientation, margins, typeface, size, indents, spacing, headings, etc.).
  • Please use the predefined formatting styles instead of applying your individual settings. These styles are pre-defined with ‘X’, such as X Abstract or X Paragraph for body of the text.
  • Follow the Chicago Manual of Style 16b author-date documentation system. With the following exception: Only capitalize the first word and proper nouns in book titles, article titles and chapter titles (capitalize however all significant words in journal titles). Note: That the author’s first name and middle name are written in full (if stated in the cited publication), that the second and subsequent authors’ names are not inverted, that article titles, chapter titles and titles of unpublished theses and dissertations are articulated by (double “American”) quotation marks. Also note that in-text paranthetical citations do not carry a comma between author and year, only between year and pages, and that two or more references in a single paranthetical citation are separated by semicolons.
  • Short quotations within the text should be marked with double quotation marks.
  • Do not use quotation marks for long quotations.
  • Preferably place/rearrange figure and caption to the top of the page.
  • After you insert a picture into the document, select it and use style named ‘X. Picture’. Pictures are followed by a caption. The figures should be numbered Figure 1, Figure 2, etc. Since the proceedings are going to be distributed electronically you are welcome to use colour pictures. However, ensure that these are in good enough resolution so they when these are printed they are legible.
  • Please include the names  and affiliations of the authors as well as the contact details in this version.
  • If English is not your first language, or you are not fluent in references, we urge you to send your paper to Scribendi or a similar proof-reader before submission.
  • We urge authors to use EndNote or a similar reference software.

Paper Template

For each accepted paper at least one presenting author has to register for conference participation, otherwise the contribution will not be considered in the conference proceedings.

Conference booklet

In addition, the aim is to print a conference booklet of the abstracts only, the programme and other important information. In the printed booklet each entry will be the first page of the paper and will provide the following information: (i) Paper title; (ii) Author name(s); (iii) Author’s affiliation; (iv) Contact information; (v) Abstract (should be no more than 200 words). Please avoid citing references in your abstract.


Copyright in each paper on this conference proceedings is the property of the author(s). Permission is granted to reproduce copies of these works for purposes relevant to the above conference, provided that the author(s), source and copyright notice are included on each copy. For other uses, including extended quotation, please contact the author(s).

Review Process

The Scientific Review Committee will ensure quality in the review process. Every paper has been double-blind reviewed by the International Review Panel members.

Authors of accepted papers are invited to present their work at the DRS//CUMULUS 2013 in Oslo 14-17 May 2013. Each presentation will last 20 minutes and be followed by 10 minutes of questions and/or discussion time.

Workshop and Symposia proposals

Workshop and Symposia proposals should contain the following:

  • Working title
  • Responsible person and for Workshop/Symposia also list contributors’ names and affiliation
  • Aim and content (400 words)

Some of the workshops and symposia will take place after lunch 14 May 2013. One session will be 1,5 hours. There are possibilities for double sessions.

15 November 2012 extended Deadline for Workshop and Symposia proposals (is now closed) .

The Workshop's texts are published in the Conference booklet.

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