HiOA has a new name: OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. Find out what this means for you.


HiOA Campuses

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) has two campuses, one in Pilestredet in Oslo and one at Kjeller in Akershus.

Kjeller Campus

Kjeller Campus is situated in rural surroundings near the city of Lillestrøm in the municipality of Skedsmo,north-east of Oslo. The area between Gardermoen and Oslo is considered to be the largest expanding region in the country in terms of settlement rate and economic activity. Lillestrøm lies in the hub of these developments, and is centrally located with only 10 minutes away from Gardermoen and downtown Oslo. The fact that the campus building houses a modern knowledge enterprise is reflected in its architecture; high ceilings and large glazed facades that provide ample daylight. In the centre of the building, on the top floor, is the library, from which you can look down on the coffee bar, the cafeteria, and Akademika bookstore, or you can take a well-earned break out on the roof-terrace.

Pilestredet Campus

The university college’s largest campus is located in Pilestredet in downtown Oslo. A number of the buildings are located in Frydenlund, an area of historical importance, close to Bislet. What was once the site of one of the country's biggest breweries has been replaced by classrooms, learning centres, readings rooms and cafeterias.

The university college also has buildings a little further down the road, in Pilestredet Park, formerly the site of the Rikshospitalet University Hospital. HiOA’s buildings in Pilestredet house fitness rooms, climbing walls, and gymnasiums for students and staff. The student welfare facilities are also located there, including a pub.

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