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About Oslo and Lillestrøm

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) is located in the eastern part of Norway. Eastern Norway is by far the most populous region in Norway and includes the capitol and financial centre, Oslo. Eastern Norway offers a variety of opportunities within higher education, business, industry and culture. Public transport makes it easy to travel between the largest cities and you don’t have to travel very far to experience Norwegian fjords and mountains.

About Oslo

Oslo hosts several higher education institutions, the largest being the University of Oslo. The total number of students in Oslo counts around 70,000. Although the city is a rather small capital with approximately 500,000 inhabitants, Oslo can boast of activities for almost anyone. You may choose from a wide range of cinemas, theatres, art galleries and museum, international restaurants and cafes. For those who enjoy the night scene, Oslo has a busy nightlife, including one of the best live music scenes in Northern Europe.

Downtown Oslo

The heart of downtown Oslo is on the waterfront, where cruise ships from all over the world find their way through the Oslo Fjord. There are many small islands and beaches, which during the summer can be easily reached from the city centre.

The centre of Oslo houses many shops, galleries and museums to visit. You may for instance visit the Munch museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Akershus Fortress and the Holmenkollen Ski Jump.

To the north, the city borders on a hilly forested area with lakes, rivers and several thousand kilometres of paths and trails, for skiing in the winter and hiking and cycling the rest of the year. It is easy to move around in the capital even if you don't have a car. The public transport system is extensive and is the easiest means of travelling. Most people walk, cycle or use public transportation.

Oslo is surrounded by magnificent scenery from the fjord to the forested hills. The excellent public transport system will take you to the small islands for a swim as well as to the ski-slopes for winter activities, or the many paths for hiking and cycling.

About Lillestrøm

Kjeller Campus is situated in the municipality of Skedsmo, north-east of Oslo. Skedsmo is one of 22 municipalities of the County of Akershus and has approximately 50,000 inhabitants. The administrative centre of Skedsmo is the city of Lillestrøm. Other places in Skedsmo are Kjeller, Skjetten, Strømmen and Skedsmokorset.

Lillestrøm is located halfway between Oslo Airport Gardermoen and the city of Oslo. In Lillestrøm you will find post offices, banks, churches of several denominations, coffee shops, restaurants, a cinema, a culture centre, hotels, a shopping centre, the bus terminal and the train station.

The outdoor swimming pool complex “Nebbursvollen” is open during the summer months. The outskirts of Lillestrøm have lots of hiking trails in the summer and trails for cross country skiing in the winter. If you want to use downhill skis, there are possibilities on the slopes on the outskirts of Oslo and also in Lillehammer, venue for the Winter Olympics 1994, only two hours by train. During the winter months, there is also an ice rink on the square by the shopping centre in Lillestrøm where you can go ice skating.

Norway Trade Fairs is also situated in Lillestrøm. The trade fair hosts major exhibitions throughout the year. Norway Trade Fairs is situated on the south side of Lillestrøm Train Station.

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