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Living in Oslo

Moving to another country is always a challenge, even if you come from a somewhat similar culture. Here you will find our own employees’ views on work and culture in Norway as well as external sources of information.

Portrait of professor Weiqin Chen

What to expect when you are moving to Norway

What should I expect if I move to Norway?

Economy and work

  • A country with a high standard of living but that is also expensive
  • Your taxes go a long way and cover free health care, free schools, kindergartens heavily subsidised by government, free dental care for children up to the age of 18 , one year of maternity leave, 12 weeks of paternity leave – and the guarantee of keeping your job, high pensions and social benefits
  • Low unemployment (4%, August 2015) and relatively high salaries
  • Safe and organised working environment
  • We are career oriented but value our work/life balance

Culture and nature

  • We are friendly and open, but expect you to initiate contact
  • A society based on the family – children come first!
  • Highly multicultural in the larger cities
  • Almost everyone speaks very good English
  • A people who love the outdoors and spend a lot of time in nature
  • Four seasons, and great climate difference between the north and south
  • Different food – we eat a lot of fish 

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