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Planning your move

What you need to know and do before moving to Norway and just upon arriving.

Before Moving

EURAXESS portal for incoming researchers

At Euraxess portal Norway you will find information about

  • accommodation
  • visa and work permits
  • language lessons
  • schools for your children
  • social security and medical care

1. Visa and Work permit

After having been appointed to a position at HiOA, you should  apply for a visa and a work permit as soon as possible.  People who want to come to Norway to work need a residence permit, and they must normally have found a job first.

  • You need to make an appointment online at selfservice.udi.no.
  • You need to make sure you bring the correct documents with you when you go to the Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA).
  • Most candidates to positions at HiOA will be in the category of skilled worker. Check the documentation requirements based on your country of origin at  UDIs checklist for skilled worker.
  • The permit you need to stay and work in Norway depends on your country of origin and for how long you are planning to stay.

Find out what residence permit you need and how to apply at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

2. Housing

The earlier you can let us know about your housing needs, the better we can assist you.

When considering your housing needs think about what kind of housing you need, for how many adults and perhaps children, for how long, what is your budget, if you want it furnished or bring your own and if you want to live nearby public transportation.

HiOA has contracts with housing and relocation companies and will assist you in finding a good solution.

Long term housing in Oslo

An employment contract at HiOA allows you to rent affordable and modern studios in short distance from the city center by metro through HiOA’s agreement with SiO. The studios are modern with basic furniture and best suitable for one person.

To rent a studio contact International HR

Short term housing in Oslo

Upon Arrival

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HiOA Start International

An introduction day for new international employees  is organised each semester. Here you will get useful information about getting started in Norway, meet and greet new colleagues and participate in a ‘Working in Norway’ course to gain a better understanding of the Norwegian work culture.

ID Number and Taxation

You have to meet up at the Service Centre for foreign workers in Oslo. Contact us for more information.

At the same time you will also get a  Norwegian identification number - D-number or personal number. You need this number to open a Norwegian bank account.

Identification card

You can always  use your passport  as an ID card.

Norwegians use either their bankcard or their driver’s license card when dealing with services that require personal identification. The same rules apply to most Europeans living and working in Norway.

For citizens from  countries outside the European Economic Area :

If you have just moved to Norway, you can get a residence card. 

Health care services in Norway

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If you have legal employment in Norway, you will, as a rule,  become a member of the National Insurance scheme from your first working day even if you are not deemed to be resident here. Membership is automatic.

About the Norwegian public health care service at New in Norway.


Being a state-owned institution, Oslo and Akershus University College enrolls its employees in  the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Norwegian: statens pensjonskasse). Members of the Fund are entitled to retirement pension of up to 66 percent of their contribution to the institution, dependent on the years they have worked in the public sector.

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