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Centre for the Study of Professions (SPS)

SPS develops the study of professions as a multidisciplinary field of research, comprising research from a wide range of disciplines. SPS aims to be a leading centre for research and graduate study within the study of professions in the Nordic countries.

Current publications in English

Alpers, Lise-Merete m.fl.: International study on nurses’ views and experiences of compassion. International Nursing Review

Henden, Edmund: Addiction, Compulsion and Weakness of the Will: A Dual-Process Perspective. I: Addiction and Choice. Rethinking the Relationship. Heather, Nick and Segal, Gabriel (eds.). Oxford University Press 2016

Mausethagen, S. & Smeby, J.-C. (2016). Contemporary education policy and teacher professionalism. Dent, M., Bourgeault, I.L., Denis, J.-L. &  Kuhlmann, E. The Routledge Companion to the Professions and Professionalism. London: Routledge

Molander, Anders: Discretion in the welfare state. Social rights and professional judgment. London: Routledge.

Skardhamar, Torbjørn, Fekjær, Silje B og Pedersen, Willy: If it works there, will it work here? The effect of a multi-component responsible beverage service (RBS) programme on violence in Oslo. Drug and alcohol dependence volum 169 2016

Thorstensen, Erik m. fl.: Regional Development and Climate Change Adaptation: A Study of the Role of Legitimacy. European countryside. The journal of Mendel University in Brno.

Zlatanovic, Tatjana, Anton Havnes, Sidsel Tveiten: Nurse teachers’ perceived competencies in the context of students’ first clinical placements: A qualitative study. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice.

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