The Board

The Board is HiOAs top decision-making body and is responsible for HiOAs strategic business and operations.

Board meetings spring 2015

Board meetings fall 2015

Saksdokumenter blir lenket opp fortløpende.




The board has 11 members. Trine Syvertsen is chairman of the Board. The board has three external members, appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research (1), Oslo municipality (1) and Akershus county (1). Four members are elected by and among employees in education and research positions. One member is chosen by and among employees in technical-administrative positions. Two members are chosen by and among students. From August 1st 2015 the external Board members have personal deputies.

The Boards function period is four years. Current function period: August 1st 2015 - July 31st 2019. Student Board members are chosen every year.

Picture ov the Board
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