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Marketisation in the Nordic countries

The report Marketisation in Nordic eldercare: a research report on legislation, oversight, extent and consequences is now out.

Eldre sittende på benk

NOVA researcher Mia Vabø is one of the contributors of the new report.

Increase in private, for-profit care services

The Nordic countries share a tradition of universal, tax-financed eldercare services, centred on public provision. Yet Nordic eldercare has not escaped the influence of the global wave of marketisation in recent years. Market-inspired measures, such as competitive tendering and user choice models, have been introduced in all Nordic countries, and in some countries, there has been an increase of private, for-profit provision of care services.

This report, researched and written by Normacare members, is the first effort to comprehensively document the process of marketisation in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. Our hope is that the report will provide both a foundation and an inspiration for further research on change in Nordic eldercare.

Market reforms in the Nordic eldercare systems

The report seeks to answer the following questions: What kinds of market reforms have been carried out in Nordic eldercare systems? What is the extent of privately provided services? How is the quality of marketised eldercare monitored? What has the impact of marketisation been on users of eldercare, on care workers and on eldercare systems? Are marketisation trends similar in the four countries, or are there major differences between them? The report also includes analyses of aspects of marketisation in Canada and the United States, where there is a longer history of markets in care. These contributions offer some perhaps salutary warnings for the Nordic countries about the risks of increasing competition and private provision in eldercare.

Editors: Gabrielle Meagher and Marta Szebehely

Download a copy of the report, or email info@normacare.net to purchase a printed copy (price 1OO SEK + moms; total 125 SEK; for delivery after 18 September 2013).

For more information, contact Mia Vabø: mia.vabo@nova.hioa.no or visit www.normacare.net.

The NOVA led Nordic Centre of Excellence in Welfare Research: REASSESS has contributed to the funding of the network.