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Stands and posters

Here you can find information about how to apply for permission to set up a stand and about the rules for putting up posters at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.


Notices and posters must be stamped at the nearest information centre or service centre, and can be posted on designated notice boards. Material that does not comply with these guidelines will be removed.

Permission for stands

Who can apply for permission?

Permissions are mostly given for purposes related to student activities that are of academic relevance. This means information activity to promote career opportunities, student welfare and any offers of study-relevant experience.

Student associations registered with SiO will be granted permission, but they still have to apply.

All parties that wish to set up a stand at HiOA must submit a written application, which will be considered on a case-to-case basis. The application will be considered within five working days. Applicants will be granted permission for a stand no more than once per quarter per building. In special cases, the possibility of making an exception to this rule may be considered.

Submitting an application

The application must contain:

  • The name of the organisation
  • Contact information
  • Desired date
  • Target group
  • The purpose of the stand activity

Depending on the target group of the activity, the application is to be submitted to one of the addresses listed below:

  • For engineering, social studies and social care subjects, economics and business administration (Pilestredet 35): p35-arr@hioa.no
  •  ingeniørfag, samfunnsfag og sosialfag, økonomi- og administrasjonsfag (Pilestredet 35): p35-arr@hioa.no
  • For library science, journalism and information science subjects (Pilestredet 48): stand-p48@hioa.no
  • bibliotek, journalistikk og informasjonsfag (Pilestredet 48): stand-p48@hioa.no
  • For health sciences and art, design and drama (Pilestredet 32): stand-p32@hioa.no
  • For teacher education and international studies (Pilestredet 52): stand-p52@hioa.no
  • For health sciences, vocational teacher education and product design (Kjeller Campus): stand-kjeller@hioa.no

For general enquiries:

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