Attributing intentions under projection bias

Presentasjon av Øivind Schøyen fra NHH.

Place: Pilestredet 35, Auditorium Pi531 Date and time: Thursday 4. May 2017 13:00 - 14.00

Attributing intentions under projection bias

Abstract: We experimentally test whether holders of different internalized norms interpret intentions of actions in systematically different ways due to projection bias. Since one typically cannot observe people's internalized norms, the strength of their social preferences or their monetary incentives, inferring intentions from actions is a multi dimension inference problem. This study seeks to study this problem by investigating intention attribution in a setting where the monetary incentives are known: a redistribution choice of voting for either full redistribution or no redistribution. Individuals with above median income will have monetary incentives for no redistribution and individuals below median income will have monetary incentives for full redistribution. In this setting, we study intention attribution in groups with heterogeneous internalized distributive norms. We develop a simple model of inference of intentions to show that misattribution can arise from participants overestimating the prevalence of their own distributive norm, projection bias, and explore whether there is evidence for this in the experimental data.


Øivind Schøyen  The Choice Lab, Department of Economics, Norwegian School of Economics.

Xianwen Chen Norwegian Institute for Nature Research.