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Science, the media and the issue of trust

Open lecture by Professor Peter Weingart

Place: P46-PA113 (Athene), Pilestredet 46, Oslo Metropolitan University Date and time: Thursday 15. March 2018 09:15 - 11.30

Professor emeritus Peter Weingart

Professor emeritus Peter Weingart is a Sociology and Science policy chair at University of Bielefeld, and the South African Research Chair in Science Communication at the Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology, CREST, at Stellenbosch University. Professor Weingart is the author of numerous books and articles, among the most recent are:

Peter Weingart, Niels C.Taubert (Eds.) (2017). The future of scholarly publishing. Open Access and the Economics of Digitisation . Cape Town: African Minds

Published open access: http://www.africanminds.co.za/dd-product/the-future-of-scholarly-publishing-open-access-and-the-economics-of-digitalization/  

Weingart, P. (2017). Is There a Hype Problem in Science? If So, How Is It Addressed? In K. Jamieson, D. Kahan, & D. Scheufele (Eds.), Oxford Library of Psychology. The Oxford Handbook of The Science of Science Communication (pp. 111-118). Oxford University Press.

Introduction to the public lecture: Professor Kristin Orgeret, Oslo Metropolitan University and co-editor of the NORHED book.

Comments for discussion: Senior Researcher, Dr. Tor Halvorsen, University of Bergen and FAFO, and Professor Edward Kirumira, Makerere University, both co-editors of the NORHED book.