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Weird things Norwegians say, eat, love and do at work - and how to be cool about it

Lorelou Desjardins is from France and is running the popular blog A Frog in the Fjord. Before moving permanently to Norway she lived in Denmark. Lorelou is trained as a Human Rights Jurist, and speak English, French, Norwegian and Indonesian. Her goal is to give non-Norwegians a glimpse of what makes Norway and Norwegians so awkward and so loveable; and to give Norwegians something to laugh or to think about.

Place: Pilestredet 52, room D112 Date and time: Friday 24. November 2017 09:30 - 11.30

Learning Goals

Are you working in Norway and having trouble understanding the Norwegian work life? Or are you thinking of finding a job in Norway after finishing your studies? Or wondering why Norwegians like to have so many meetings, and why they leave at 4pm every day? Want to know more about the social rules surrounding meetings, equalit at work, hierarchy and how to give feedback the Norwegian way? You might need a crash course in working with Norwegians.

Whether you are an employee at HiOA, a foreign student or a Norwegian working with foreigners, this course will help you understand the cultural differences between working in Norway and working abroad, and help you communicate better in your everyday working life.

Main Theme

Building and increasing cultural competence to work and study in a diverse environment.


Presentation, discussion topics, reflections and group talks. 


Lorelou Desjardins , author of "En frosk i fjorden - Kunsten å bli norsk" (translated: A frog in the fjord - the art of becoming Norwegian").

She recently published her first book on how to become Norwegian, has been several times on TV shows, national radio and is featured in many newspapers and magazines. 

Lorelou gives her critical look on Norwegian culture and working life, adding good doses of humor and charm.