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Find academic literature

Are you looking for a book on your syllabus or a research article? Search for it in Oria! In Oria you will find books, e-books, journals, article, student papers, dissertations, films, music audiobooks etc.

How to find books/documents in Oria

Author/title search

  1. Type the surname of the author and some of the words from the title in the Oria search field: A combination like this will usually provide you with a more precise hit when you are looking for one specific book.
  2. Click on “Search”.
  3. See if the book is available and where you can find it ("Locations").
  4. If you want to view more details about the book/document, click on "Details".

Search tips!

Please note that you may choose " Advanced search" in Oria. You will then get several options to limit your search. You may for instance limit your search by "Author", "Title" and "Subject".

Search for keywords

  1. Type the keyword(s) in the search field.
  2. Click on “Search”.

Use the truncation *. When you use * at the end of a keyword, you are searching for the word itself and all possible suffixes. A search for "univers*" will e.g. provide you with hits on univers, university etc.

How to find articles/journals in Oria

Title search journals

  1. Search for the title of the journal in Oria to check the availability on your campus.
  2. The E-journals are marked with “Full text available” in the result list. Click on “View online” to get access to the journal. To find out where you can borrow printed journals, click on "Locations".
  3. You will have to take a printout or a photocopy of electronic or printed journals available at HiOA yourself.

Search tips!

Limit your search! Choose "journals" and "e-journals" in the drop-down menu in advanced search. You may also limit your search further in the drop-down menus to the left.

Title search articles

  1. Search for the title of the article in Oria.
  2. Click on "View online" to get access to the article. Please note: You will not get any hits if the article is only available in printed journals. You will then have to search for the journal and find the location.
  3. You will have to take a printout of the article yourself.
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