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Award-winning TKD staff

Three excellent members of staff were recently awarded for their work on research, artistic research and the quality of education.

Olav Johan Øye Published: Updated:

The awards are intended to raise awareness of these fields at OsloMet’s Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TDK), and inspire development.

The award money will be spent on measures that contribute to further strengthening the winner’s academic community. The winners will each receive NOK 30,000.

Bilde av G. Anthony Giannoumis

The research award is presented to researchers below professor level who publish the most scholarly articles.

‘Not surprisingly, the award goes to a member of staff at the Department of Computer Science,’ said Vice Dean for Research and Development Arild Berg at the award ceremony during the TKD Day.

‘And the winner is not the only one who has made a huge publication effort at the department. Several members of staff have excelled and made a mark at OsloMet, thereby raising the profile of the whole faculty.

’This year’s winner is Associate Professor G Anthony Giannoumis , who has published eight articles, several of which are at level 2, and who is now awaiting approval of his PhD degree.

Anthony is currently on a fellowship at Harvard University. Professor Weiqin Chen, head of the very active research group in universal design of ICT, accepted the award on his behalf.

She says that Anthony is very grateful to the faculty management and his colleagues at TKD for their kindness and support in the work of bringing forth new knowledge that helps to give as many people as possible, including people with disabilities, equal access to technology. He is also grateful for the award.

The artistic research award is given to employees or academic communities that have excelled in artistic research of particularly high quality.

Emphasis is placed on acknowledgement in national and international research communities, as well as contributions to the development of the academic community.

‘The level of activity is high in this field. The reason we introduced this award is that it has been difficult in many of these areas to have articles published in scientific journals, and we wanted artistic research to be placed on an equal footing with academic publishing,’ said Vice Dean Arild Berg, before revealing that the award goes to Associate Professor Niels Peter Underland of the Department of Art, Design and Drama.

Bilde av Niels Peter Underland

The background for the award was that Niels Peter and his theatre company Teater Joker received the Hedda Award in 2017 in the category ‘Best production for children’ for Brune.

The Hedda Award is the most prestigious Norwegian award for performances for children, youth and adults.

Two years earlier, Niels Peter and representatives of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet won an award at the prestigious International Opera Awards in London.

They received the award for a collaborative project, a programme for fifth-grade pupils from four different schools, resulting in five performances called ‘Funiculi, Funicula’ that included 60 pupils from each school, with singers and musicians from the National Opera and actors from Niels Peter’s theatre company Teater Joker.

Niels Peter is very grateful for the TKD award, which will enable him to travel to China to see a children’s performance there, which they just learned the same day that they had been granted funds for.

The award for quality in education is given to employees or academic communities that have contributed to education of particularly high quality.

Emphasis is placed on the candidate’s contribution to developing the academic community.

This year the award went to Associate Professor Hilde Hemmer of the Department of Mechanical, Electronic and Chemical Engineering.

Bilde av Hilde Hemmer

‘Hilde is an excellent teacher who has modernised teaching in her courses. She has moved away from traditional teaching and exercises to methods like web-based resources, practical exercises and, to some extent, flipped classroom,’ says Vice-

Dean for Education Astrid Oust Janbu, who presented the award.

‘She is also flexible, solution-oriented, open in relation to other teaching staff, and, not least, committed to her work,’ Astrid Oust Janbu added.

‘I can only say thank you! It’s nice to receive an award and to see that the faculty appreciates my teaching,’ says Hilde Hemmer.

The departments nominated many members of staff for the awards for artistic research and quality in education.