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Chinese inspiration

HiOA is drawing attention from different corners of the globe, and the Communication University of China (CUC) recently expressed its interest in exploring the possibilities for collaboration.

Olav Johan Øye Published: Updated:
Bilde fra Makerspace

The Chinese university’s Faculty of Science and Technology visited the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKF) at HiOA on 10 October 2017.

Presentations, talks on cooperation and a guided tour were on the agenda, and HiOA Makerspace generated particular interest and enthusiasm.

The faculty at the Chinese university has a special focus on IT and media technology.

It has just over 3,000 students, 13 master’s degree programmes and 13 bachelor’s degree programmes, a summer school and various joint degree programmes.

They are interested in student and teacher exchanges, and in discussing joint degree programmes and academic cooperation, particularly in the area of computer science.

Bilde av roboten Pepper

They want to cultivate closer ties between TKD and CUC, and to identify more opportunities for collaboration in the future.
CUC has different models for international cooperation:

  • A student exchange programme for one or two semesters
  • A short-term study programme, which is a summer school
  • A joint degree programme in collaboration with other universities
  • A teacher exchange programme
  • A cooperative research programme

The university dates back to 1954, when it was established as a training centre for China's central broadcasting company.

TKD gave a presentation of HiOA, its faculties and departments, study programmes and research fields, and demonstrated the products and activities at HiOA Makerspace, with the Pepper robot attracting the most attention.

It emerged during the meeting that the faculty at HiOA initially wants to focus on student exchanges and research collaboration.

Dean Egil Trømborg takes a positive view of the possibility of cooperation, and perhaps not limited to TKD’s subject areas.

It may also be relevant to see whether there may be interest in closer cooperation with other relevant disciplines at HiOA, such as journalism and communication.

CUC is also known for its study programmes in, among other fields, journalism, film, drama, animation, advertising, creative-culture industry, and a broad range of language studies.

The following representatives visited from CUC:

  • Li Zengrui, Vice Chair of the Faculty of Science & Technology
  • Lu Guizhen, Dean of the Communication Engineering Department, School of Information Engineering
  • Ren Hui, Dean of the Automation Department, School of Information Engineering
  • Jin Libiao, Dean of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Zhong Dandan, Dean of the Office of Student Affairs, Faculty of Science and Technology
Bilde av besøkende fra Kina og av fakultetsledelsen på TKD