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Funding from the Research Council for the Centre for Work Inclusion

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) has been awarded NOK 25 million from the Research Council of Norway to build a strong research environment in the field of work inclusion and develop it into a national powerhouse.

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Tone Alm Andreassen

The core research environment will be based at the Centre for Work Inclusion, which was established by HiOA in cooperation with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

HiOA will receive around NOK five million per year for five years, and has entered into a collaboration with Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (Lillehammer campus) entitled ‘Pathways to work. Achieving coordinated services in work integration of groups on the margins of the labour market’.

‘This is a great opportunity to develop research in an area of great significance to society and develop knowledge that can be integrated into education and continuing education programmes in many of HiOA’s fields,’ says Tone Alm Andreassen, who is managing the work along with Espen Dahl.

The team will cooperate with an international expert group and a forum of relevant user groups.

‘HiOA has many capable researchers in this field, but it is generally an area that has not been researched to any great extent and is characterised by a low degree of professionalisation, not only in Norway,’ says Andreassen.

She adds that HiOA is one of two institutions that has been awarded a core research environment grant of this kind in competition with 11 other research environments.

Will establish a core research environment

The Research Council of Norway’s ambitions that HiOA is expected to fulfil are:

  • to build a strong research environment within a limited area of research
  • to develop into a national powerhouse
  • to conduct research at a high international level
  • to have transfer value to other areas

The Centre for Work Inclusion (KAI)

  • The centre will collect and further develop existing knowledge from HiOA as well as other research and educational institutions, thereby making it easier for NAV, other public agencies and users to learn more about the field.
  • KAI is participating in the Booster project and has received assistance from the EU team in the application development process. The Booster project is intended to increase the proportion of externally funded projects and promote good research groups at HiOA.