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OsloMet succeeds in Horizon 2020

OsloMet has a high success rate in Horizon 2020.
"OsloMet succeeds because we respond well to EUs societal challenges," says Morten Irgens, Pro-Rector for Research and Development.

Lise Swensen Published: Updated:

It is difficult and prestigious to receive funding for research projects through Horizon 2020, EUs Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. OsloMet has managed to increase the number of applications significantly over the last few years while maintaining a high success rate. A total of 17.6 percent of OsloMet's applications were accepted, according to The Research Council of Norway. 

Research that works

The EU is investing heavily in research and innovation, and today's framework program for research expects research projects to deliver results that society and industry can benefit from.

"OsloMet's trademark is practice-oriented research that is in line with the needs of society and industry. Our profile is an almost perfect match with Horizon 2020's focus on societal challenges. This is one of the reasons why OsloMet succeeds so well, says Morten Irgens.

It is especially within the program "Societal challenges" that OsloMet succeeds, where one in four application from OsloMet gets funding. On average, one in eight applications gets approval, according to the EU Commission.

Support for researchers

In recent years, OsloMet has had nearly 50 percent annual increase in the number of applications, and a similar increase in 2018 is expected. Despite the sharp increase in the number of applications, OsloMet has managed to maintain the quality of applications.

"We have worked purposefully to build a support system around our researchers with a variety of different services," says Vibeke Moe, Senior Advisor and Team Manager for External Finance, Value Creation and Research Support.

Amongst other things, research groups are assisted with grant search and during the application process, and receive training in research management and dissemination. OsloMet is currently active in 16 different projects funded by Horizon 2020. In addition, two researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences has received funding for research stays in the UK through Horizon 2020.

"We are very proud over what our research communities has accomplished, and we are aiming for even better results in the coming years," says Moe.