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Putting knowledge into practice

Master's degree students Kristian and Andreas have started the business Fossekall teknologi, which provides useful work experience and inspiration for their studies.

Olav Johan Øye Published: Updated:
Bilde av Kristian og Andreas

‘Fossekall is a play on words with fossefall (Norwegian for waterfall), an approach used in IT,’ says Kristian Munter Simonsen, who is taking the master’s programme in universal design of ICT.

Fossekallen (the white-throated dipper) is also a an agile bird and the national bird of Norway. It signifies that we aim to work with Norwegian enterprises, particularly with respect to compliance with the legislation that regulates universal design of ICT.’

‘It’s also a good ice-breaker. Those who know that the name refers to a bird, the national bird of Norway no less, will immediately feel some sense of connection to the name of the company.’

Working to achieve universal design of ICT

  Kristian and Andreas Jacobsen set up their business as soon as they had completed their bachelor’s degrees in applied computer technology.

At the end of the bachelor’s programme, they learned about the legislation regulating universal design of ICT. By 2020, universal design shall be implemented in all ICT solutions in Norway. That goal is still some way off, however, and they aim to do something about it.

‘There’s still a lot of work to be done, and a good way of selling ourselves is to say that if you don’t sort this out by 2020, you risk being fined by the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi).’

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