HiOA has a new name: OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. Find out what this means for you.


University Application Approved by NOKUT

NOKUT has approved HiOA’s application for university status. “We are delighted that NOKUT has heeded its expert committee’s recommendation,” says President Curt Rice.

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Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) received word on December 12th that NOKUT’s board has approved its application for university status. HiOA has thereby fulfilled the necessary requirements in the areas of education and research. In lending its formal approval to HiOA’s application, NOKUT endorsed the recommendation of its own export committee (link in Norwegian): https://www.nokut.no/globalassets/nokut/rapporter/akkreditering-institusjon/2017/hioa_rapport_2017.pdf

A strong application

“I want to take this opportunity to extend my congratulations to HiOA,” said NOKUT’s Director General Terje Mørland. “HiOA has worked hard during this entire process, both in preparing its application and in hosting NOKUT during our field visit earlier this year. Through these efforts, HiOA has convinced the expert committee and NOKUT at large that HiOA deserves to be granted university status.”

President Curt Rice was thrilled to learn of NOKUT’s decision.

“I am delighted and proud to learn that NOKUT has acknowledged all the hard work we are doing at HiOA, including the evolution of our research and education profile in recent years.

“We are committed to continuing the important work of strengthening the quality of the work we do and the knowledge we transmit to our students, the labor market and society at large. We are excited to develop the university of tomorrow, with strong roots in academia, the labor market and society’s most pressing needs.”

What happens next?

President Rice will present his official recommendation for the new university’s name at the December 15th meeting of the HiOA board (link in Norwegian): https://tilsatt.hioa.no/siste-nytt/-/nyhet/oslomet-storbyuniversitetet. Following the board meeting, HiOA will send a comprehensive application for university accreditation to the Ministry of Education and Research.

Provided that the Ministry approves HiOA’s application, it will be left to the King-in-Council to grant final approval, both to HiOA’s application and the proposed new name. If everything proceeds according to plan, the new university will be formally launched in time for the start of the new academic year in August 2018.