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Versatile lamp won lighting award

Vanessa Brokstad, a master’s degree student in product design, won the Norwegian Lighting Award 2017 in the YOUNG category for students and people under 35 with her lamp Clipse, which can be placed in many different places to provide adapted lighting.

Olav Johan Øye Published: Updated:
Bilde av lampe

The grounds for the jury's decision are that the lamp provides a soft glow that fills the room with ambient light that can be used to read a book or find your way around the house at night:

‘This little lamp has a good, playful design. It is easy to use, and the jury sees exciting potential in this handy product.

It is innovative, timeless, and appeals to people of all ages. Children and adults alike will find this lamp easy to use.

It can be an element that promotes safety for children and the elderly, and can e.g. contribute to reducing the occurrence of injuries resulting from falls.’

The jury also emphasises that the lamp’s energy consumption is low, and at the end of its useful life the waste can be sorted at source.

A bright little friend for five-year-olds and ninety-five-year-olds alike, in the jury’s opinion.

Vanessa developed the lamp in a bachelor’s level course in product design, and it won in a fierce competition with the lighting control concept Keen on the Screen.

The award was handed out during the Lysets Dag conference at DOGA on 23 November 2017, and 14 lighting projects and products were nominated.

Something people can recognise

‘It was so great to win! I don't think it has really sunk in yet,’ says Vanessa Brokstad.

‘I challenged myself a lot in the design process leading up to Clipse. Working with light was a completely unknown field for me, and I learnt a lot about lighting technology and 3D printing.’

‘The prototype was developed on the basis of several tests involving users in the process. My focus has been to create an intuitive product that provides a good tactile experience.’

‘For me, the project has been about communicating a concept that people can recognise and see the value of.’

‘I am excited about the time ahead, and I hope that this award will lead to Clipse being realised.’

‘I have already received enquiries from people around the world who want to buy the lamp, so I really believe that there is a market for it,’ says Vanessa Brokstad.

The Norwegian Lighting Award focuses on drawing attention to good and innovative Norwegian lighting projects by highlighting exciting projects that are well designed and executed.

The award aims to raise the profile of good lighting design and contribute to raising standards in the industry.

Innovative lighting projects

The Norwegian Lighting Award categories are best outdoor project, best indoor project, best product or technical solution, the Norwegian Lighting Award – YOUNG, and an open category.

This year has seen a record number of applicants with 46 registered projects, and 14 lighting projects and products were nominated for the different categories by a highly qualified jury.

‘The diversity of the submitted projects is even greater than before, which is very positive,’ states Lyskultur’s Directing Manager Katia V. Banoun on Lyskultur’s website.

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