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INNCARE - Governance, social investments and social innovation in care services in the Czech Republic and Norway

Child and elder care policies are central issues in contemporary welfare states facing ageing populations, new social risks, growing labour market participation of women, care worker migration, employment targets and gender equality. In this project, we examine the mutual compatibility of the strategies of elderly and child care providers, and how these correspond to the preferences and strategies of households, including the impacts on working life.

We compare Norway, where care policies have a long tradition and are well developed in various forms and not affected by the crisis, and the Czech Republic where the policies are only slowly getting priority and hampered by the adverse effects of fiscal consolidation while the needs of care are increasing. The purpose of this comparison is to understand how strategies of social innovations in care services are emerging in different societal contexts and how the governance framework and social investments can support innovations.

We aim to explore and explain differences and similarities of key stakeholders’ discourses and strategies in caring policies, within the existing constraints and limitations in a broader framework of changes in the labour market, welfare state and in the economic and business cycle. We are interested in how strategies that are adopted by relevant actors are mutually ‘compatible’ and how effective they are in responding to the increasing demand for care services.

The project is based on mixed quantitative and qualitative methods, using existing data from European and national sources and surveys as well as generating new qualitative data on the strategies of families and of stakeholders regulating, financing and providing care.

Visit the project web site: http://inncare.fss.muni.cz/

Norwegian version


Research group

Barndom og barnevern

Project period

Start: 01/10/2014

End: 31/08/2017


    Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth of the Czech Republic (Norway Grants/EØS)

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