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The digital structures of the Scandinavian news ecology

Presentation by Helle Sjøvaag, professor of journalism at the University of Stavanger.

Place: Pilestredet 48, R614 Date and time: Monday 1. October 2018 12:00 - 12.30

The presentation is part of the OsloMet Digital Journalism Focus Seminars, organised by the research group Digital Journalism.

Moderator: Oscar Westlund, professor, Department of Journalism and Media Studies at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University.

Professor Helle Sjøvåg

In this talk, Helle Sjøvaag will present work from an ongoing project, “Digital news agendas in Scandinavia”. The project is a Scandinavian collaboration, where the aim is to study the framework conditions of news media in the region. Given the particularities of the Scandinavian media systems, digital infrastructures, ownership, regulations and public service broadcasting are key to the investigation. As the project involves Aske Kammer at the IT University of Copenhagen and Michael Karlsson at Karlstad University as principle collaborators, a comparative methodology is central to our approach.

The talk will be structured around two key contributions. Sjøvaag will first present the main findings from an analysis of the Scandinavian hyperlink news network, recently published in  Digital Journalism . Sjøvaag will then introduce the framework for a follow-up study that aims to widen the scope of investigation, analyzing the Scandinavian online ‘information spheres’ as an entry point to discussing journalism’s position between the state and the market in a Nordic media welfare state context.

Following the talk, we organize an internal seminar discussion from 1230 to 1330, focused on mapping Scandinavian online ‘information spheres". The seminar discussion consists of the project members, professor Helle Sjøvaag (University of Stavanger), professor Michael Karlsson (Karlstad University), Raul Ferrer (Karlstad University), associate professor Aske Kammer (IT University of Copenhagen), Seth C. Lewis (University of Oregon), plus several members of the OsloMet Digital Journalism Research group.


Helle Sjøvaag is professor of journalism at the University of Stavanger and project manager at the University of Bergen. Her research mainly revolves around issues concerning journalism and media structures. Sjøvaag currently manages two research projects, on diversity in the Norwegian news media landscape, and on digital news agendas in Scandinavia.