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BALH3100 Strategic Human Resource Management


In this course, students will receive an introduction to Strategic HRM (Human Resource Management). HRM is critical for the viability of all kinds of organizations and deals with activities relating to the management of people and work in organizations. Good human resource management can provide good work environments for staff thus making the organization effective and profitable. In this course, students will receive an introduction to basic theories relevant to HRM with a particular focus on its core activities including recruitment, performance management, and human resource development. They will also gain knowledge of different types of assessment tools and methodologies used in the HR field.




Learning outcomes


The student has

  • broad knowledge of the strategic importance of HRM
  • broad knowledge of relevant HRM activities, with specific focus on recruitment, performance management and human resource Development
  • insight into the various stages of the recruitment process from job analysis to setting and employment
  • knowledge of the systems and methods of performance management and human resource development in organizations
  • insight into the importance of equality and diversity in the workplace
  • knowledge of measurement one uses by management, employee and performance development
  • knowledge of the professional conversation and how this can be used in conjunction with caree


The student can:

  • prepare work analysis and progress schedules for the various steps in a recruitment process
  • interpret different types of tests used in management, employee and performance Development
  • contribute to the implementation, monitoring and completion of recruitment processes
  • use methodology for analyzing skills needs in organizations
  • use methodology to follow up employees with respect to performance and competence

General competency

The student has:

  • understanding of ethical issues related to recruitment processes, performance measurements and
    career Development

Forms of teaching

Teaching alternates between lectures, group work and case studies.

Work requirement

Students will conduct an interview in a custom HR department about selected topics in recruitment and career development. This interview must be analyzed and written up in groups during a lecture with mandatory participation. The work requirement is assessed as pass / fail. The coursework requirements must be approved before the student can write the exam.

Assessment / examination and examiners.

The exam is an individual home assignment, written within two days (48 hours). The Maximum number of pages is 8.

External examiners will be used for grading of a random sample of 25% of the work and where there is doubts about the paper receiving a passing grade.


The individual assignment is evaluated on a graded scale of A to F. The grade of F is a fail.

Examination aids

All written aids are allowed.



Rees, G., & Smith, P. (2014). Strategic human resource management: an international perspective : Sage.


Additional literature, such as case studies and recent theoretical and empirical articles will be provided on

the course page on Fronter. All additional literature are required readings.

(Literature list last updated: 12.06.2017)

About the course

Strategisk Human Resource Management Bachelor degree in public administration and public management 10 5th semester, autumn English 2017

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