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AFI - seksjonssidebilde

Work Research Institute (AFI)

Research - Knowledge - Action

- for a better working life

New publications

Nilsen, Wendy; Skipstein, Anni; Østby, Kristian Amundsen; Mykletun, Arnstein. Examination of the double burden hypothesis—a systematic review of work–family conflict and sickness absence. European Journal of Public Health 2017

Clare Shelley-Egan, Anders Braarud Hanssen, Laurens Landeweerd & Bjørn Hofmann (2017) Responsible Research and Innovation in the context of human cognitive enhancement: some essential features. In  Journal of Responsible Innovation

Hagen, A. (2017) Sketching with knives: Architects & the confidence theory of magic. Anthropology Today

Underthun A and Jordhus-Lier DC. (2017) Liminality at work in Norwegian hotels. Tourism Geographies

Enstad, F., Pedersen, W. Nilsen, W., & von Soest, T. (2017). Predicting Early Onset of Intoxication versus Drinking - A Population-based Prospective Study of Norwegian Adolescents. Addictive Behaviours Reports.

Research groups

Innovation and enterprise development

Work, management and mastery

Organization of the welfare state

Work inclusion

The Institute engages in multidisciplinary research on the basis of social studies. Broad thematic priorities rooted in the demands of working life are emphasized. A major part of the research is action and user-oriented.

About AFI's research

Featured projects

RRI Practice

Sites of Access (SoA): Entry opportunities into employment for people with disabilities


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