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Efficiency Network for better integration of newly arrived refugees

NIBR has been funded by NAV Farve to undertake a research project to look into the refugees' experiences of participating in an introduction and analyze how systematic cooperation between municipalities in streamlining network can contribute to learning and better organization and results in an introduction. The project will commence in summer 2016 and will end in autumn 2017.

The overriding issue in the proposed project are:

  • How do you perceive the refugees quality and content of the introduction program that the municipality offers?
  • What is the good grips for user participation and labor market integration in municipalities with different organization of introductory?
  • How does municipalities participating in the efficiency network succeed in integrating refugees in the labor market or further education compared to similar municipalities not participating in the network?

The analysis will be based on unique data from municipalities participating in KS efficiency network. Efficiency Networks is a proven methodology and arena KS offers municipalities in various service areas. By participating municipalities must acquire, analyze and utilize relevant management information.

Municipalities participating in efficiency networks draw up their own service analyzes. These analyzes provide valuable knowledge about users' experiences (own user surveys) and descriptions of municipal services. The network gives municipalities an arena and valuable comparative knowledge about what characterizes a good induction program and how different ways of organizing the introductory program on importance for achieving results. Since municipalities also conducts user surveys, the material makes for a good opportunity to analyze users' experiences and thoughts about participating in an introduction. It is believed that municipalities participating will get better management of the introductory program, a clearer division of tasks and a basis for better cooperation between NAV, adult education and refugee services.

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Project period

Start: 01/04/2016

End: 31/12/2017




  • 700 000 NOK

Project number