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How seniors can participate in their own communities for better quality of life and well-being

The project will provide new knowledge about tools for participation which uses the resources elderly represent, and who better identify and map their needs and desires. Not least, it will be valuable to get the elderly perspective better forward as a basis for the development of services, neighborhoods and communities. The project will thus provide both a new knowledge base for designing a more age-friendly society and community, and it should be an innovative project in which new tools and methods of participation should be examined and tested.

The project is conducted by research institutes NIBR and AFI at Oslo and Akershus University College commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. The Directorate has been commissioned to operationalize and concretize the Government's strategy for a more age-friendly society, including by facilitating the elderly can contribute their resources in local communities. Through broader involvement and participation of older municipalities will get a better knowledge base for planning and development that meets the growing group bodied seniors and covering needs and desires related to quality of life when gradual physical and social deterioration occurs.

Meanwhile, a strategy that utilizes the elderly contribution through participation have a symbolic function; it sends signals about the valuation and will thereby contribute to the actual and perceived age discrimination is reduced. From a public health perspective, citizens' physical and mental health is central: activity, social interaction and participation, engagement, and to use their resources strengthens health and social cohesion in local communities.

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    • Work Research Institute (AFI)

Project period

Start: 15/11/2016

End: 30/06/2017


    • The Norwegian Directorate of Health


  • 486 000 NOK

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