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Municipalities planning and initiatives for an aging population

Over 10-20 years, Norway will experience a significant increase in both the number and proportion of elderly oer 70 years. But this demographic change will hit Norwegian municipalities very different. Some municipalities - especially the main cities and some municipalities in central areas - will rather experience a rejuvenation in the coming years. Due to the migration of youth to urban areas will population aging in municipalities with vacating become particularly pronounced. It is these municipalities that will be studied more closely in the project.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health wants an overview of how the municipalities relate to the increasing proportion of older people. The aim is to "new knowledge and insight into how municipalities are even considering the challenges and how they emphasize this in planning and action." To answer this conduct NIBR and NOVA a combination of a brief survey and a case study of selected municipalities in spring 2017.

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    • NOVA

Project period

Start: 08/11/2016

End: 30/06/2017


    • The Norwegian Directorate of Health


  • 497 000 NOK

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