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Use of and need for knowledge in the public administration's climate change work

It is widely accepted that the man-made global warming will require societal measures to deal with the consequences that must come. Adaptation has been put on the agenda. Based on the "national goal that society should aim to prepare and adapt to climate change" the Norwegian Directorate of the Environment wants to map the overall status at the state, regional and municipal levels for the use of and need for knowledge for its efforts to adapt society to projected climate change. For the municipal level shall work be limited to small and medium-sized municipalities.

Specifically, the aim of the project Part 1 mapping:

  • About knowledge needed at the appropriate administrative level, there;
  • Whether and to what extent administrative levels collects and uses this knowledge, and related to this how this knowledge be made for use in the same or other levels;
  • The extent to which such arrangements appear to be suitable for users of knowledge; and
  • Which success criteria and barriers administrative levels consider as important for the use of available knowledge, and if users see are alternative forms of organization that can work better.

The answer to this should be in the project Part 2, along with results from an announced mapping of large municipalities, compared with the picture that was drawn in NOU 2010: 10 and Meld.St. 33 (2012-2013), supplemented with some interviews in large municipalities. This will result in assessment of and recommendations on:

  • Knowledge of climate change, which is currently not available, but that should be obtained
  • Barriers that prevent the use of existing knowledge about climate change, and the overriding should be taken to remove barriers to increasing the use of this knowledge.
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Project period

Start: 20/09/2016

End: 28/02/2017


    • Norwegian Directorate of the Environment


  • 500 000 NOK

Project number