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Guest Lecture: Energy Policies in the BRIC countries

Guest lecture by Carlos Henrique Santana, Humboldt Foundation Fellow and Post-doctoral researcher ved Technische Universität Darmstadt.

Place: Periferien Conference Room, NIBR, Holbergs gate 1 Date and time: Wednesday 25. October 2017 10:30 - 12.00

Carlos Henrique Santana

Lecture: "Semiperipheral varieties of capitalism: State capacity and energy policies in the BRIC countries."

In his presentation, Carlos Henrique Santana will discuss the role of state capacities on the organization and implementation of energy policies on the BRIC countries.

Looking at recent changes in patterns of generation and distribution of electricity, the presentation will analyze how differences and similarities between the BRIC countries can help us to understand the organization of capitalism in the Semi-Periphery.

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