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Polish migration to Norway: Facts and knowledge gaps

Poles are the largest immigrant group in Norway. What do we know about their lives in Norway and their relationship with the Norwegian society? Welcome to seminar at HiOA.

Place: NB! New room: HiOA, Pilestredet 32, N010-23 Little Auditorium Date and time: Friday 20. October 2017 10:30 - 15.15


Research on Polish migration to Norway and lives of Polish migrants in Norway has, by now, been able to establish some facts about key developments, as well as challenges, but also diverging patterns within the not-so-homogeneous groups of Polish migrants who have settled in Norway.

The primary purpose of this seminar is to tease out some of the key facts which can now be established with some certainty, for instance such that a substantial proportion of Polish migrants are indeed settling down in Norway, and that with this there are a series of possibilities and challenges associated among other with their interactions with the health and educational sectors.

The secondary purpose is to shed light on knowledge gaps, where existing research has not produced answers to pressing questions, such as for instance how the demographic imbalance among Polish immigrants in Norway, whereby 2/3 are male and 1/3 are female, can be understood, and with which implications for migrants themselves and for approaches to integration in Norway, or questions such as how the mainstream Norwegian media are portraying (or not) the largest immigrant community in Norway.

The seminar emanates from a loosely organized network of scholars in Norway and Poland who have been researching questions of Polish migration to Norway and transnational connections between the two countries in the past decade.


10.15 Coffee/tea

Welcome and rationale for the conference ( Marta Bivand Erdal, PRIO)

What do we know about Polish migrants’ living conditions in Norway? ( Silje Vatne Pettersen, Statistics Norway)

11.00 Questions and discussion

Employment patterns among Polish migrants in Norway, Sweden, and the UK ( Oleksandr  Ryndyk and Pieter Bevelander, SIC FAMAC project)

Mental health and well-being of Polish migrants in Norway- results from a pilot study ( Justyna Bell, NOVA/HiOA)

Polish migrants and welfare ( Svein Inge Nødland  et al., IRIS)

11.45 Questions and discussion

12.00 Lunch

What do we know about migration trajectories and future mobility aspirations among Polish migrants in Norway, Sweden and the UK? ( Kathy Burrell, Hugrun Osk Gudjonsdottir, Gunhild Odden and Mateus Schweyher, SIC FAMAC project)

Narratives of work, positioning and belonging among Polish labour migrants in Norway ( Linda Dyrlid, NTNU)

Polish and Catholic in Norway: What we know and what we don’t know ( Anders Aschim, INN)

13.15 Questions and discussion

13.30 Short break

Care-giving strategies towards the older parents in Poland implemented by Polish female migrants in Norway ( Ela Czapka, HiOA)

Migrating toward gender equality? Comparing attitudes and family practices of Polish migrants in Norway and Poles in Poland ( Ewa Krzaklewska, Paula Pulstulka and Lihong Huang, HiOA/NOVA)

To be or to belong? Labour migration from Eastern and Central Europe to rural areas in Norway ( Jakub Stachowski, NTNU)

14.15 Questions and discussion

Final discussion – established facts and knowledge gaps as a starting point for developing future research (moderated by Marta Bivand Erdal, PRIO)

15.15 End of conference program

15.30-18.30   Networking event for researchers of Polish migration

Networking session will include

  • a round table discussion about further studies in Polish migration to Norway
  • organisning joined panels at the upcoming international migration conferences (including the Nordic Miration Conference in 2018)
  • establishing a webpage resource for the network
  • frequency, content and the future events organised by the network
  • communication needs within the network


The seminar is free of charge, but please register here before the 17th of October, as we will order lunch and beverages.

Languages: English (with a possibility of asking questions in Norwegian)

Organized by the Research network on Polish migration to Norway