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Review and evaluation of how children's situation is clarified in the Alien Board proceedings

The project is initiated by the Ministry of Justice. The aim of the project is to produce knowledge on how children’s situation is clarified in the case proceedings, the sources of information, including the use and need for a children’s hearing. The project is supposed to give a basis for a consideration of whether the routines and practice is in accordance with Article 12 in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child,  the Aliens Act and the official guidelines. Further, the project shall consider what kind of competence on children’s situation is desirable in such cases. As a part of the project we will attend to a 2-5  child hearings and meetings in the Aliens Board. We will interview caseworkers and Board leaders, and analyse case documents. The project will be published as a NOVA report.

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Research group

Department of Childhood, Family and Child Welfare Research

Project period

Start: 03/04/2013

End: 10/01/2014


    Ministry of Justice and the Police

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