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Exposure of individuals in journalism

The research group Index investigates different forms of individual exposure in journalistic media, developments over time, and values associated with individualism.

Our area of research

In recent decades, journalism has increasingly exposed individuals. The research group Index develops knowledge about this development in Norway and other countries. The group studies how various trends in society lead to individualisation in journalism, its practical outcomes, and how individualisation within journalism in turn influences social development. An important aim is to strengthen the basis for discussion with the profession's practitioners and the public at large.

Index researches journalistic exposure of individuals in both a historical and a contemporary and partly comparative perspective. Scientists are investigating how the focus on the subject has influenced such diverse fields as politicians’ appearance and reputation, gay peoples’ standing in society, readers’ roles in journalism and increasing subjectivity on the part of the journalists.

Key questions for the research group:

  • In what ways are individuals exposed in the journalistic media?
  • How has the individual's role in journalism, and the values ​​and norms attributed to actors in journalistic stories, changed over time?
  • What changes and tendencies in culture and society has led to, or facilitated, the increased exposure of individuals in journalism?
  • How can journalism shape the perception of the status and of the roles the individual has or should have in society?

Activities and network

Index cooperates with researchers from other Norwegian institutions, other European countries and South Africa. In 2015 the publisher Cappelen Damm Academic released the group’s first scholarly anthology with contributions from mainly Norwegian members: The individual in journalism (Hornmoen, Roksvold, Alnæs (eds.). The network is currently working on an international open access anthology – Individual exposure and subjectivity in contemporary journalism, to be published in 2017. The group holds annual international Index seminars where we develop papers, articles and book chapters for Index publications and other international conferences and journals. An important aim is to include students in our work. Index, situated at HiOA’s Faculty of Social Sciences also cooperates with the school’s Faculty of Health Sciences, and we are planning a new, English language (open access) anthology on health journalism and individual exposure.


Index sheds light on its research questions by applying various methods, with special emphasis on narrative analysis, critical discourse analysis, rhetorical analysis, content analysis and analysis of interpretative frameworks (frames). Theoretically, we are working with fields like narratology, discourse theory and political theory, and with phrases such as “personalisation” journalistic “subjectivity” and “individualisation”.

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