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Kostøkonomi, ernæring og ledelse

Public Health Nutrition

The research field of Public Health Nutrition (PHN) includes community nutrition issues reflecting thematic areas, such as food, nutrition, health, human rights and living conditions, in combination and viewed in a social and cultural perspective.

The research mainly focuses on how different social and environmental conditions might affect people's access to food, nutritional status and health situation at various levels (e.g. individual, household, institutional, national and global). This implies scientifically based analysis of the prevalence, causes and consequences of nutrition problems, and how to design measures to improve the situation as well as to evaluate the measures. Such actions may be at the individual, group or political level, both nationally and internationally. Issues related to food security, food as a human right and sustainability are relevant perspectives to the field.

The research group focuses specifically on the development, testing and evaluation of different methods of interventions at various arenas, such as schools, health centres and workplaces. Ongoing research in PHN prioritises vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, children, immigrants, and people with low education. Other target groups are those who are affected by poverty and having refugee status. Some of our research is going on in African and Asian countries.

Key thematic elements of our national and international research are health and nutrition communication, health literacy, nutrition literacy, food sociology and cultural aspects of diet during interventions and measures. In short, our research group collaborates with a number of Norwegian and international institutions, both in research and development work.

The methodological approaches to our research in the fields have both quantitative and qualitative nature.

The research group has been selected to participate in OsloMet's Booster project  for groups with a high potential.