Ingressbilde Fysioterapi

Knowledge based clinical Physiotherapy

Based on availability. The clinical studies will be available for 3rd year students from partners in Scandinavia/Europe

Aims and contents

The placement involves direct work with patients/users. Focus will be on the role of the Physiotherapist, the physiotherapist as a supervisor for patients and users, ethical dilemmas and cooperation in a knowledge based practice. The students will during the placement period, supervise and treat patients at the Out-Patient Clinic at HiOA and in the community health services. Supervision is given by the clinical educators, and linked to the Learning Outcomes relevant for the placement.


Content: Learning outcomes and work requirements to be fulfilled

Form: Mid-term and full-term evaluations

Grading: Passed/Not passed


Application deadline

Applicants from EU/EEA area, Switzerland and the Nordic countries:

April the 15th   

Admission requirements

Students applying for this placement, must be 3rd year students in PT program at the bachelor`s level, at one of our partner institutions.

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Programme information


FYSIOPRA – Knowledge based clinical Physiotherapy Mid August 2017 15 ECTS / 30 ECTS
10 weeks – 15 ECTS, with possibilites of adding the course International Public Health = 1 semester (30 ECTS) Pilestredet Campus or community health care institutions in the Oslo region. Norwegian/ Scandinavian/ English No tuition fee for exchange students.

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