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Master’s thesis in Biomedicine (MABIO3900)

The master's thesis is an independent research work conducted under supervision. The students are offered research topics that can be related to research projects at OsloMet. You may spend 3 to 6 months doing field work or research and get supervision for your master’s thesis from our staff.

Aims and contents

You may choose a topic for the thesis within one of the fields of our research groups. To learn more about the research conducted at the department, please look at Research on the following web site:  
Department of Life Sciences and Health

After completing the course, the student is expected to have achieved the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:
The student
•    has specialised knowledge about the master's thesis topic
•    has advanced knowledge about previous research and theories that form the basis for the research question in the master's thesis
•    is capable of analysing and discussing previous research in relation to his/her own results
•    is knowledgeable about innovation and entrepreneurship
The student is capable of
•    independent work under supervision on a research or development assignment
•    carrying out and quality assuring analyses, methods and/or investigations relevant to the master's thesis
•    analysing and assessing theoretical and practical issues in the field of the master's thesis
•    writing scholarly texts and presenting research results in accordance with the applicable conventions for biomedical research and reporting
•    carrying out critical analyses of and combining knowledge from different sources
General competence:
The student
•    is capable of applying statistical and biomedical methods in new and unknown subject areas
•    is capable of communicating extensive independent work and masters the forms of expression used in biomedicine
•    is capable of communicating research results to both specialists and the general public
•    demonstrates an ability for ethical reflection on issues of relevance to the master's thesis
•    is capable of formulating new research questions
•    is capable of identifying ethical problems and acting in accordance with the applicable laws and international conventions

See the course plan:

Master’s thesis in Biomedicine (MABIO3900)


Application deadline

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Admission requirements

You must be admitted to a master’s programme at one of our partner institutions in a relevant field.


Master’s thesis in Biomedicine January or August 60 ECTS 2 semesters Pilestredet, Oslo English No tuition fee for exchange students.

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